« Unleashing Collective Genius »

Within every team, there is a potential for « collective genius”. We see flashes of creative genius when teams are “in the flow” – united in a spirit of mutual trust and accountability to find solutions together in the face of complex challenges. At times like this, teams witness a natural creative force coming to the fore – a form of inner “knowing” or collective wisdom which goes beyond the intelligence of individuals within the team – an intuitive power which is capable of propelling the team towards stunning new insights or breakthroughs.

Why then do we not see more of this “collective genius” in the groups and teams we belong to? Why is it such a rare phenomenon in our work environments? The answer lies in our limited vision of what groups and teams are capable of and our limiting assumptions of how to bring out the best in people.

Most Managers manage groups and teams in a way which is out of synch with how groups and teams perform at their best. They are stuck in a mental modal of linear thinking and “top-down command” structures which actually undermine collective potential, rather than boost it.

They forget, or ignore that like all other organisms, groups and teams have a dynamic life and “will” of their own. They operate as “systems” – with intangible forces at play which go beyond the reach of top down “command and control” structures. These subtle but powerful forces are self-generative and have the power to block or unlock collective potential. The challenge for leaders is to work with this system’s dynamic in a smart and effective way. We show you how.

We help you bridge the gap between collective potential and collective performance – in a powerful systems intelligent way. Engaging with teams as “living systems » is where the leverage is to unleash “collective genius” and incrementally improve bottom-line results.

To learn more about our systems-intelligent approach to developing team potential and performance, follow these links: Team Diagnostics; Advanced Systems Coaching; Team Discovery Workshops.

“We once were made secure by things visible, by structures we could see. Now, its time to embrace the invisible”

– Margaret J. Wheatley