Team Discovery Workshops
a fast track to improved team performance

A simple way to get started with developing a systems-intelligent approach to team effectiveness is try out one of our “Team Discovery” workshops. These special team events are designed to create powerful « ah-ha » moments for you and your team about what is happening “now” in terms of team dynamics and team results and what your team wants « next ». They are highly interactive “roll up your sleeves” encounters.

We skilfully create a safe space for authentic conversations about issues that matter and spark rich team insights for improved team performance.

The following are some sample “Team Discovery” topics to choose from:

  • Creating from « We »
  • Team Intelligence – the « 3rd Entity »
  • Exploring Your Team « Footprint »
  • Building Team Trust
  • Team Toxins and Antidotes
  • Empowering Team Norms

These uniquely crafted workshops offer glimpses of our innovative approach to developing systems-intelligent teams. The specific content is crafted to your business and team’s needs. Workshops are delivered in one day or two day modules.

For more information on our proprietary “Team Discovery” workshops, please contact us directly

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”The ratio of We’s to I’s is the best indicator of the development of a team.”

– Lewis B. Ergen