« Creating a Winning Culture »

« Culture is what people do when no-one is looking. » – Gerard Seijts

This simple definition goes to the heart of the matter. Culture goes beyond espoused values and mission statements. Organisational culture is a reflection of what people believe, based on what they see leaders doing not what they hear leaders saying. The responsibility for shaping organisational culture lies with leadership. It starts at the top. Without a “winning culture”, sustainable business growth is compromised.

So how do we create a winning culture? In our experience, creating a winning culture starts with creating a winning mindset. The transformation process begins with the leader’s own mindset.

As leaders, we unconsciously choose our own mindset. We focus on fears or on possibilities. We project a mindset which people intuitively interpret as “playing to win” or “playing not to lose”. “Playing not to lose” is a survivor’s game. It reflects a “victim” mindset, fed by disempowering beliefs and fears, where the focus is on avoiding risks and overcoming obstacles. “Playing to win” is a change-maker’s game. This mindset thrives on new ideas and empowering beliefs focused on purpose, possibility and opportunity.

Fear-based cultures are a reflection of disempowered fear-driven leaders. Trust-based cultures are a reflection of empowering possibility-driven leaders. Creating a winning culture starts with making a conscious choice regarding the “mindset” you as a leader, wish to create for yourself and your people. What you focus on impacts what your people focus on. And this in turn impacts what “people do when no-one is looking”. “Playing to win” energises people for empowering “winning” action. This is the way to engage hearts and minds.

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« Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing. » – Albert Schweitzer