Change Management Consulting
Putting people first

There is no simple or « quick fix » to effective organisational change. Research shows that about 70% of corporate change programmes fail. The cost of failed change programmes hits the bottom line and drains company morale . In our fast-paced world, where one wave of change quickly follows another, failed change programmes are an exhausting and costly business.

As Managers we help you « think twice » about how you manage change – and in particular how you manage your people through the change process.

  • We support you in developing a people strategy to effectively guide the change process
  • We help you understand how people view the benefits and risks of the change – i.e., « what’s in it for them? » – a vital indicator of whether the change initiative will succeed or fail.
  • We partner with you to proactively ENGAGE people in turning « Outside In » change (change which people see as forced on them) into « Inside Out » change (change which they buy into).

The key to effectively managing change is to ENGAGE people in the change process – from start to finish.

We show you how to raise your game in terms of people engagement by developing systems intelligent people strategies and systems-savvy change management skills. This gives you a significant headstart in managing complex organisational change and successfully delivering on strategic change vision.

To find out how we can help you orchestrate effective change, please contact us.

« People don’t resist change. They resist being changed » – Peter Senge.