Voice of Women Leaders
Power to shape the future

“Leaders don’t wait. They shape their own frontiers. The bigger the challenge, the greater the opportunity. » – Unknown Author  

On a global scale, women in the workplace and women in society in general, are faced with « big challenges » and « great opportunities ». So are men. We face the same global dilemmas – economically, politically, socially and environmentally.

Yet, when it comes to resolving complex global challenges and deciding on viable solutions for the future, women are the minority voice. The marginal or absent voice of women leaders in key decision-making arenas at a global level, in our local communities and in our workplaces is well documented by business and government interests.

To create Awareness, boost Accountability and stimulate Action towards shifting the balance of leadership power, we offer uniquely designed workshops, seminars and “systemic conversations” which we collectively call “Empowering Encounters”. Our focus is on grooming women leaders to find and express their voice, enabling them to grow in confidence and daring as leaders.

Each Empowering Encounter has its own “signature” theme – adapted to meet the specific business context and needs of the participants. Some are exclusive to women, designed to provide a “safe” and supportive environment to share experiences and challenge each other as leaders. Others are comprised of mixed groups of men and women, designed to stimulate an exchange of viewpoints and mutual appreciation of leadership strengths and potential to shape the future.

Durations vary from ½ day workshops to two-day offsite events. To learn more about the themes we cover in these innovative and unforgettable “Empowering Encounters” and especially, how we can support you in evolving and empowering the Voice of Women Leaders, please contact us.