Core Leadership Programmes

for leadership mastery

When it comes to developing leaders, we are ahead of the curve! We develop leaders with the savvy and skills to not only see the “big picture” but to also detect what’s going on “under the surface” in the teams and organisations they lead. Developing systems-intelligent leaders is a hallmark of our work.

We show you how to engage in a smarter and more effective way with the complex relationship systems you are part of. This puts you in a phenomenally more powerful position to proactively influence change in these systems. By developing systems intelligent leadership skills, you hold the key to transforming team and organisational results.

You learn how to:

  • Create and sustain healthy conditions for outstanding team success
  • Build co-ownership for team climate and team results
  • Leverage collective intelligence for breakthrough performance

Our innovative work in systems intelligent leadership development is inspired by recent university research in this field as well as the advanced systems intelligent tools and techniques developed by CRR Global – thought leaders in this domain.

We design and deliver customised Leadership Programmes for our clients. The content is innovative and proprietary with systems intelligence methodologies integrated in a seamless way. Below is a sample of the leadership themes we explore.

  • Leading by CHOICE
  • Mastering the Inner State
  • Heart to Heart Leadership
  • Bringing Vision to Life
  • Fearless Leadership
  • New Paths, New Worlds


Our programmes are delivered in-house or as inter-company events. Durations vary from one day to multi-day options. Content is adapted to the business context and needs of participants.

For more information on the content of our leadership programmes, please contact us directly.