Client Profile

Our clients range from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations. We have an international reach and thrive in complex cross-cultural business environments. Our clients choose to partner with us because of our unique brand, our pioneering drive and our outstanding client service. Click here to learn what our clients say about us.

We work primarily in English and French. Other languages are also available via our extended network of expert coaches, facilitators and consultants.

Clients we find irresistible!

We work with clients where both parties feel the “fit” is right. We find clients with the following profile irresistible!

C ompelling drive to lead in their field with an ambitious vision for change
H igh standards of excellence with an urgency to shift results – fast
O pen to innovative ideas with a willingness to creatively “disrupt” current thinking
I ntent on harnessing collective potential in the face of challenge and uncertainty
C ommitted to empowering relationships and investing in people
E thical, community minded and passionate about making a difference

If your company fits this profile, we would be delighted to hear from you. We look forward to exploring together how we can create transformational value for your people and your business.

To learn more about our international client base, please contact us directly.